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Training Resources

Sail ONEC uses the Canadian Yachting Association’s “Basic Sailing Skills” as its training manual. For training adult members it follows the program developed for SailRA by David Peer. These manuals will be provided to new members.


New and returning members will also want to look at the Sailing Manual developed for SailRA by David Peer. It and other manuals will be available on the SailONEC website.

Read and study the Canadian Coast Guard's "Safe Boating Guide" for information on boating safety and the legal requirements of boating in Canada. It is available online at: 
Steve Sleight has written a training manual “Go Sail” which includes a good training video. It is available commercially for about $23.00

There are many online sources of information on learning to sail.


US Sailing has a small boat sailing course online with videos of tacking, jibing, capsize recovery, and knot tying.

  For animated views of how to tie knots, go to -  

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