SailONEC operates a fleet of 7 CL16s, 10 Lasers, 2 Feva RSXL and 9 Picos.

 CL 16 - a sloop-rigged (two sails) fiberglass dinghy designed for day sailing in light winds and cruising. It is easily sailed by two but can carry three or four comfortably. It can be sailed with a spinnaker and trapeze. The CL16 is our basic adult training boat.


 Length: 16'
Beam: 6' 1"
Sail Area: 141 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 365 lbs.
Portsmouth Rating (US Sailing) 95.9       
Laser - a cat-rigged (only one sail) fiberglass dinghy designed for sailing with one person. A very simple rig but fast in good winds. 
Length: 13’ 10”
Beam: 4’ 6”
Sail Area: 76 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 130 lbs.

Ideal crew weight 67 - 90kg (147-198 lbs)

Portsmouth Rating (US Sailing) 91.9     Portsmouth Rating (RYA)  1078 

RSFeva - a sloop rigged polyethylene dinghy designed for one or two youth. It is equipped with a gennaker.
Length: 12’”
Beam: 4’ 8”
Sail Area: 90 sq. ft.
Gennaker: 73 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 139 lbs
Ideal crew weight: 185-240 lbs.
Portsmouth Rating (US Sailing) Not available    Portsmouth Rating (RYA)  1189
Laser Pico - a small sloop rigged polyethylene dinghy. It is designed primarily for training and for daysailing and can be sailed by one or two people. It is the basic trainer in sailing camp.
Length: 11’ 6”
Beam: 4’ 8”
Sail Area: 66 sq. ft.
Minimum Hull Weight: 154 lbs or 132
Ideal Crew Weight:  32-60  kg (70-132 lb)

Portsmouth Rating (US Sailing) Not Available   Portsmouth Rating (RYA)  1258

The Portsmouth Rating system is a way of handicapping races with different types of boats. The larger the number, the slower the boat.