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Safety Equipment

Fire – Club Fire Alarm

Should the club alarm sound, evacuate everyone to the bridge or the shore. If sailors are out on the water or returning to the dock, they can use the power boat to the shore. 


The All Clear to return to the clubhouse will be given only by the Fire Department.


First Aid Supplies - Injuries usually are minor such as cuts or bruises. First Aid supplies are located

Ø       at the outer door to the deck,

Ø       at the desk in the clubroom

Ø       on the rescue boat (only minimum kit)


Injuries should be recorded using the Accident Report Form.


Department of Transport (D.O.T.) regulations require that a dinghy must have

·         an approved PFD (Personal Flotation Device) for each person on board

·         a buoyant heaving line no less than 15 meters in length,

·         a paddle

·         a bailer

·         a whistle.

N.B.  There is little emergency assistance on the Ottawa River. Dispatch time is lengthy. Call 911, and indicate a "marine emergency on the Ottawa River". In an emergency, you will probably be relying on the assistance of other sailors, and boaters, if you can alert them. Be prepared to self-rescue.