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Safety Boat

SailONEC requires that a power boat must be unlocked, rigged and operational at any time a sailboat is on the water so that if a rescue is needed there will be no delay. 

Rigging a Safety Boat – The Boston Whalers are our basic safety boat. By law they are required to have
  • One Canadian-approved PFD on board for every person on board. 
  • One buoyant heaving line no less than 15 m in length 
  • One manual propelling device (a paddle or oars) 
  • One bailer 
  • One watertight flashlight (and the batteries must be working) 
  • One sound signaling device. 
  • We also rig the boat with an anchor, oars, a ladder, and a small first aid kit. 

The keys are kept upstairs in the old SailRA shop. The batteries are generally left in the boat but the fuel tank is stored in the yellow locker under the building. 

Members are trained in the use of the power boats so that in an emergency they can use them. From September 2009, everyone operating a power boat will be required under Transport Canada regulations to have Pleasure Craft Operators Card. This is a certificate showing that the holder has passed a short course in on water safety. Members are strongly advised to take the PCOC course.