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Other Boaters

The Ottawa River is popular for power boaters, rowers, and sailors. Collision is a risk! In a collision between a dinghy and a power boat, the dinghy will suffer. Assume that power boaters and jet skiers do not see you, and be careful. Your whistle is the best means of signalling your presence.

Learn the rules of the road and obey them. Although sailing vessels generally have the right of way over powered pleasure craft, exercise this right with caution. Sail boats do not have the right of way over large working vessels. For basic rules of the road refer to the Canadian Coast Guard "Safe Boating Guide". The guide is available online at: 

Dinghies, if they are under way, are more manoeuvrable than the other boats on the river. As a matter of courtesy and prudence, stay clear of power boats, rowers, paddlers, and fishermen.