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Lifejacket or PFD

About 90 per cent of people who drown in recreational boating incidents are not wearing a flotation device. A lifejacket or PFD (personal flotation device) is the best insurance you can have. Find one that suits your needs and wear it.

A “lifejacket” is designed to turn you on your back and keep your face out of the water even if you are unconscious. They come only in red, orange, and yellow for high visibility, and they generally provide more flotation than PFD’s.

A”PFD” is not a lifejacket. It is less bulky and may be more comfortable and suitable for active sports than a lifejacket. PFDs usually offer less flotation than life jackets, and depending on their design, some PFDs provide thermal protection against hypothermia.

See the Transport Canada Web site for more information.