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Every race will be scored for every participant as follows:
First and subsequent places: Points equal to the participant's position in the race relative to other participants.
DNF:                                   Points equal to the number of boats in race plus 1 point. If a boat does not finish 45 minutes after the first       
                                           boat has crossed the finish line.
DNS:                                   Points equal to the number of boats in race plus 2 points.
DSQ:                                  Points equal to the number of boats in race plus 2 points. A DSQ can not be use has a throw-out.
Committee Boat duties Members doing Committee Boat Duties will be given the average off all races in which they has participated.
A member needs to have participated in at least half of the races (in the racing event) to have an official standing in the results.
For standings to be computed in a racing event, a minimum of three races (with three boats) must have been completed.
Skippers and Crews series results will be computed as follows:

I For a total of 4 or 5 races, all will count                                                                     

II. For a total of 6, the sum of the best 4 races in the series.                                                      

II. For a total of 7 to 9 races, the sum of the best 6 races in the series.                          

III. For a total of 10 to 15 races, the sum of the best 9 races in the series.                                 

IV. For a total 16 races or more, the sum of the best 11 races in the series.       

Around Kettle Island: and "To the Parliament"races:

The Committee boat shall keep the times of all the boats engaged in these events and should stay with the fleet as much as possible.


The Racing Commodore will post official standings in the current race series on a weekly basis on a clubhouse bulletin board and on this web site (Attachment under racing page).