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Orgnanise/Conduct of a race

Committtee Boat duties:

Unless someone volunteer, the Committee Boat duties to be shared among the various members present for the day. At least two members should be seating in the rescue boat.

The Committee Boat will:

  1. ensure that a Crash Boat, stop watch, racing flags, horn, racing buoys, and race result sheets are available for the race;
  2. ensure that a second Crash Boat is rigged for rescue duties;
  3. give priority to rescue operations over any other duties;
  4. keep an eye out for bad weather and if necesary cancel the race;
  5. decide whether a course is suitable for the race and make adjustments to racing buoys if necessary;
  6. organize and carry out the lotteries and rotations for the day's racing;
  7. decide on the number of races for the race day;
  8. decide whether a race should be shortened or abandoned;
  9. ensure that all race gear used on a race day is properly stowed at the end of the day, and report any loss or deficiencies to the Racing Commodore.
The starting sequence of every race is in accrodance with the RRS 2013-2016 ( See attachment for more details.
Every race is held on an Olympic course (i.e. a triangle followed by a "sausage" – a six leg course) except for the two long distance races (Around Kettle Island and To the Parliament). For safety reasons or because of light winds the race committee has authority to modify the course.
The weeknight races begins at 18:00 and the weekend races begins at 12:00.
A minimum of three boats is required to consider the race official.
The Committee boat shall not cancel a race that has properly started unless:
No participant has crossed the finish line before the elapse of a period of 45 minutes, measured from the start of the race.   However, the Committee boat's has sole discretion to cancel any racing activity in regard to weather conditions and any other matter that may affect the safety of any participant.
SailONEC Communications,
Feb 26, 2009, 2:06 PM