The club has been the springboard for many
top area racers. Racing is not only competition – it is also a learning experience and a social event.
Starting in May, the club holds CL-16s races on Sundays at 12:00 PM. Laser only races begin in June and are held on Tuesday evenings, starting at 6:00 PM. Novice sailors are encouraged to come out as crew for the experienced skippers and get a glimpse of the racing scene. Although some races may become intense, the club's policy is to keep the racing at a fun and recreational level.
Once a week during the months of July and August (if request is there), the club runs a racing school to teach the rules of racing and some strategy. Students are given the chance to try out their new skills. A racing school championship is run at the end of the season. Members who are checked out as Racing Skippers, are permitted to take the boats off-river to compete in local regattas.

The following principles of sportsmanship, in addition to those described in the Racing Rules of Sailing govern all

races at the club: 

(a)  Club members participate in racing to have fun.

(b) Each participant is expected to be respectful and courteous toward all participants.

Assigment of boats in racing series at the club:
For crewing berth it shall be in the following order of priority:
           (a) New SailONEC members 
           (b) Other SailONEC members
           (c) ONEC social members
           (d) Guest
For helming it shall be in the following order of priority:
(a) Certified Racing Skipper
(b) Sailing Skipper with racing experience (as crew or skipper) 
(c) Sailing Skipper with a Racing Skipper as crew.


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