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Ottawa New Edinburgh Club


Get Ready for the 2009 Season!

We're getting ready to bring our members more tennis, rowing, and sailing fun than you can shake a paddle or racquet at. Stay tuned to this website for more news and content being developed in coming weeks.

NOTE: Information on this site is out of date and currently being updated.

Official Club Response to Kettle Island Bridge Recommendation

Click here to read Marko Yanishevsky's letter to Steve Taylor, Vice President, NCE Limited regarding the proposed Kettle Island Bridge

Results of the
2008 Canadian Sculling Marathon

The 4th annual CSM is in the history books.
Click here to find out all about this great event!

<img src="chrome://editor/content/images/tag-comment.gif"><!-- <hr class="red"> <h2>2008 ONEC Mid-season <br> Application Forms </h2> <p>The 2008 ONEC Mid-season Application Form is now available, with mid-season rates effective as of August 1st. </p> <p><a href="documents/Midseason_form_all_sports_2008.pdf" target="_blank">Click here</a> for more information.</p> <p>See the <a href="forms.html">Forms</a> page for other forms. </p> <hr class="red"> <h2>Let's Go Sailing! </h2> <p align="center">ONEC Sailing programs continue in August.</p> <p align="center">Check it out <a href="sailing/sailing.html">here!</a></p> <hr> <p align="center">All applicat forms can be found on this site and mailed to:</p> <p align="center"><strong>Ottawa New Edinburgh Club<br> P.O. Box 74088 Beechwood Station<br> Ottawa, ON K1M 2H9</strong></p> -->

For more and general information: onecboard@hotmail.com

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