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                                                                                                                      ONEC Club Locations.

Mouth of the Rideau Canal.
Source:  ???
Ottawa Canoe Club floating boathouse, 1888-1894. Source: LAC, Mikan 3318813, Topley photo. 

Note the sailing canoes and the sawdust.
Topley/LAC, Item No. 57196.
                                                       Source: ONECC Records
Ottawa Canoe Club, 1896.
Featuring an electric canoe hoist.
Source: LAC.
A postcard in the club archives.

\Undated Postcard.
Source: Internet search

From the Rideau Canoe Club Collection.
Ottawa Canoe Club, War Canoe Champions of Canada, 1898.
The canoe is Fag a Bealach.
Source: LAC, William Topley Collection, MIKAN number 3412156

The Ottawa Canoe, 3rd, coming to landing at Bohemia Club, Aug. 4, 1904.
CMH, Edwin Lester Brittain collection, H-153, PR2004-002.26.5-393

Possibly, L to R, Arthur A. Pinard, R.A. Baldwing, Edgar C. Woolsey, and J. Wentworth Woolsey,
OCC Cholara Champ, 1902.
And what was cholara?
Club Tandem Championships, 1902 - H.C. Clayton and R.P.N. Mainguy.
Source - ONEC
Ottawa Canoe Club, Champions of Canada, 1904
Source: LAC, William Topley Collection, MIKAN number 3412208

1/2 Mile War Canoe
Won By
Ottawa Canoe Club
Source: Rideau Canoe Club Collection.

Regatta Ribons, 1902-1908.
Source: Bytown Museum, R918a-f
                                                        This team won the half mile war canoe race in the CAA regatta  on the Ottawa River in 1904.
                                                        The OCC also won the overall club championship. Horace Merrill was a member of this team.
                                                         Source: LAC, J.R. O'Connell photo album
OCC War Canoe, Canadian Champions, 1904.
Source: LAC, Topley

Plan, 1915, showing location of Gatineau Ferry and OCC. LAC, DPW File 8791-1, Vol.3
Plan showing location of Rockcliffe-Gatineau ferry and OCC, 1915. Source: LAC, Department of Public Works File 8791-1, Vol.3 

Horace Merrill (1884-1958)


Canadian Canoe Association Singles Champion

1904 Ottawa Canoe Club

1908 New Edinburgh Canoe Club

1909 New Edinburgh Canoe Club


Canadian Canoe Association War Canoe Champion, One Mile

1909 New Edinburgh Canoe Club, H. Merrill, Captain

1910 New Edinburgh Canoe Club, H. Merrill, Captain

1911 New Edinburgh Canoe Club, H. Merrill, Captain


1912 Rear Commodore, Canadian Canoe Associaiton


1909 New Edinburgh Hockey Club

1909 Member Cliffsides hockey club, Allan Cup champions

1912-1920 Defence, Ottawa Senators.

1920 Member of winning Stanley Cup team


Photo Ottawa Citizen, 5 July 1909



Ladies swimming race, 1920.
Source: ONEC Collection


 The dude in the boater (centre) is wearing an ONECC ribbon.

Source: David Three-Rats http://www.flickr.com/photos/a_goblin/8292487909/


Spoons won by Ivan Roy in the 1920s. Three of them are for participation in
war canoe races. Source; Ivan Roy, Jr.  
The boathouse on 22 September 1923.
National Air Photo Library, HA 16-20
Obituary of Charles Clark with some of the medals and trophies he won paddling in the 1920s. 
Source: ONEC from a donation by Clark's descendants.
 This is probably later than the picture below. Note the roof on the second floor balcony.
Source: Internet capture.
View from Mr. Mathew's House. Probably from before 1925 when the tennis courts were built.
Source: LAC, Mikan No.3319002, Department of the Interior
                        ONECC War Canoe Champions, Half Mile and Mile, 1924
Source: There is a copy in the Clark collection.
ONECC Singlet, probably from 1920s.
Source: Internet search
ONECC War Canoe, 1924.
Source: ONEC collection & Ottawa Archives, CA1226
War Canoe Race, Gananoque, 1924.
ONECC Ladies War Canoe, 1924
ONECC Ladies War Canoe, 1924.
Source: Copy at ONEC
"This is my girls crew just before their first race on the Rideau Canal three weeks ago. ER"
Source: ONEC records.

Half-mile Champions of Canada, Lachine, 1928
Source: C.H. Clark Collection

                        ONECC Half mile war canoe champions of Canada, 1929.
                        Source: ONEC records, copy in Clark collection.
ONECC boathouse, raft and diving tower, 1931
Source: Ottawa Citizen, 14 May 1931
 This plaque is a bit of a mystery but it was produced in 1933, the 50th anniversary
 of ONECC.  Charles Clark had one of these, dated 1932,  and it was donated to the club.
                            ONECC 10 July 1932. Canadian Airways Limited Photo No. 01959
Source: ONEC Records, Gift of R. Serre


                        ONECC Hockey Team - Ottawa City and District Senior Amateurs Hockey Champions, 1933-34.
                           Source: ONEC records. 
1942 - Ross Misner has found a colour film of Ottawa in 1942 showing the ONECC clubhouse, war canoes, and swimming at ONECC. Go to
                Boathouse - 1942. The water is very low by today's standards. The construction of the Carillon Dam in 1964 raised
                river levels at Ottawa from an average of 40.69 metres to about 41.74 metres.
            Diving tower, 1942.
                War Canoes
Boathouse from the swimming float, before the river was raised.
You can see the high water mark on the concrete.
Source: ONEC records. 
Late 1940s - John Clifford was born in 1923.
Source: ONEC records
ONECC balcony - 1940s?

This is in the club records but the windows are not in the boathouse. Where was the photo taken?
Source: ONEC records 
ONECC club diving tower with Norseman float plane, 1945. .

            ONECC clubhouse with high-level bridge, 1952.
            Source: Ottawa Citizen, 20 June 1952.
Aerial photo of ONECC area, 1956. The tennis courts are to the north of their
present location and the float plane dock is in place.
Source: National Air Photo Library, 15333/60
 Probably Ron Dagenais, 1958.There is a floatplane moored by the boathouse.
 Source: ONEC records
Photos of the boahouse after 1960 when the new bridge was put in.
Source: LAC, RG34, Acc1981/82, 147, M-29, NCC file. 
The track for the boat lift is still in place.