Vice-Commodore Capsize Trophy

Awarded to the member who in the eyes of the Sailing Director has proven its skills in capsizing boats. Both quality and quantities of capsized will be taken into consideration in the awarding of this trophy.

This trophy can found its origin with Sail RA.


This trophy was originally know has the Dow’s Lake Pavillon Series “B” Fleet. Rededication date  is unknown.

2020 Not awarded
2019 Not awarded
2018 Not awarded
2017 Colin Leger
2016 Not awarded
2015 David Lee 
2014 Not awarded

2013 Not awarded

2012 Not awarded

2011 Rebecca Barnes

2010 Not awarded
2009 Brendan Hendel-McCarthy and Fred Lecky

2008 John Scofield and Dave O’Meara

2007 John Scofield and Robin Bourkes

2006 Chris Button

2005 Ed Masotti

2004 Not awarded

2003 Irfan Kadri

2002 Tony Hutchinson

2001 Not awarded

2000 Not awarded

1999 Not awarded

1998 Not awarded

1997 John Lydon

1996 Susan Harris

1995 Not awarded

1994 Not awarded

1993 Not awarded

1992 Brenda Bednos