Sail RA Laser Series "B" Fleet

Awarded to the skippers that have won either the June, Laser I or Laser II evening Series.
The June Evening Series have started in June 09
While the trophy has exsisted for some time, it is not until 2003 that is begun to be awarded.
This trophy originated with Sail RA
        Series I (Aug)              Series II (July)           Series June
2021 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2019 Not awarded
2018 Not awarded
2017 Not awarded
2016 Not awarded
2015 Not awarded
2014 Not awarded
2013 n/a                              Colin Leger                  Jeremie Roy
2012 Not awarded
2011 Raymond Touchette   Raymond Touchette    n/a
2010 Not awarded
2009 Tony Rybczynski        Derek Chase               n/a
2008 Owen King                 Owen King                   n/a
2007 Not awarded             
2006 Mary Massoti              Mary Massoti               n/a
2005 David Martin               David Martin                n/a
2004 Liquin Xu                    Liquin Xu                      n/a
2003 Ed Massoti                 Ed Massoti                   n/a