Race to Parliament Hill

AWarded to the skipper and crew winning the Race to Parliament Hill (A Fleet)
This event was the second long distance initiated by Sail RA . It was initiated one year after Around Keetle Island by Vice-Commodore Martin Rhéaume.
2022 Colin Leger & Rick Braden                     CL-16     1h:43m:55s
2021 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2019 Martin Rheaume and Jean-Francois     Cl-16      97m 19s
2018 Martin Rhéaume and Rick Braden        CL-16     1hr 45:52
         John Schofield                                       Laser      1h:38m:25s
2017 Neil Baisi/Kevin Austin                                    CL-16         2hr 12:30
          Alan McCullough                                              Laser         1hr 47:35           
2016 June: Neil Baisi/David Lee                    CL-16      1h:17:30 
         Aug: Dave Martin/Tony Rybcznski       CL-16       2h:42:06
2015 Michel Lowen                                       Laser        1h 28min 04 sec
2014 Martin Rheaume and Martine Sirois:    CL-16        2 h 14                 
         Neil Baisi:                                             Laser        2h 5 min 25 sec
2013 Laser: Jon Boucher (1:55:06)                       CL-16 Noel Schaftoe and Edith Morency (2:05:00) 


June: Noel Shaftoe and Marie Ivanda CL-16 (2h 30m 30s) John Schofield Laser (2h 24m 34s)                                                                                            

September: Martin Rheaume and Jeremie Roy CL-16 (1 h 48m 38s)  Alan McCullough Laser (1h 46m 36s)


2011 Noel Shaftoe and Valerie Heaman - 1 hours and 36 minutes
2010 John Schofield                                         Laser     1 hours 15 minutes 17 seconds
2009 David Martin (s) and Denise Samson (c)    CL-16     1 hour 50 min 30 seconds.
2008 Noel Shaftoe                                           Laser      1 hour 20 minutes 13 seconds
2007 Paul Brownrigg (s) and Sydney Markel (c) Albacore  58 minutes
2006 Chuck Bain (s) and David Snider (c)          Albacore  1 hour 22 minutes 15 seconds
2005 Chuck Bain (s) and David Snider (c)          Albacore  2 hours 04 minutes 45 seconds
2004 Chuck Bain (s) and David Snider (c)          Albacore, David Martin Laser
2003 Noel Shaftoe (s) and Maks Pittner (c)        Albacore