Polar Bears Hall of Fame

For members who capsized, falls from the docks or even the rescue boats in the Ottawa River in the month of May.
Sail RA Vice-Commodore Martin Rhéaume created this award in 2002 when he capsized in the Ottawa River on the first weeked of racing in the month of May.

2021 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2019 Not awarded
2018 Colin Leger
2017 Not awarded
2016 Steve Chapman
2015 David Johnson, Jephtee Elysee , Thomas Tsuji, Daniel Marchand
2014 Milenko Krsmanovic, Marie-Eve Savard, John Schodfield, Mihai Cosma
2013 Not awarded

2012 Not awarded

2011 Riley (Mike Hardstaff dog) 

2010 Not awarded
2009 David Martin

2008 Not awarded

2007 Jesse Savoie, Neil Baisi, Heidi Leipnitz, Greg Wall, Owen King

2006 Valerie Heaman, Roland Innes, Neil Baisi

2005 Roger Hulme, Irene Gunn

2004 Luquin Xu, Ed & Kathy Beeksma, Paul Binette, Jon Von Kaufmann

2003 Valerie Heaman, Robert Miech, Alan McCullough, Noel Shaftoe, Darcy Doan

2002 Caroline St-Onge, Chris Hull, Martin Rhéaume, Mary Massoti, Robert Campbell