Match Racing

Match Racing may be best known as a regatta for two sailing boats racing around a course. It is differentiated from a fleet race which always involves three or more competitors

This trophy can found its origin with Sail RA. The trophy was donated by Dave King.

Note: (s) designates the skippers and (c) designate crews.

2022 Not awarded
2021 Not awarded
2020 Not awarded
2019 Not awarded
2018 John Schofield and Noah Mitchell
2017 Owen King
2016 Not awarded
2015 David Martin
2014 Not awarded
2013 David Martin
2012 John Schofield
2011 John Schofield
2010 Not awarded
2009 Not awarded
2008 Not awarded
2007 Paul Browwnrigg
2006 Paul Browwnrigg
2005 Neil Baisi
2004 Martin Rhéaume (s), Bertrand Renaud (c)
2003 Don Slater
2002 Not awarded
2001 Not awarded
2000 Not awarded
1999 Not awarded
1998 John Bryant, Collette Gagnon
1997 Not awarded
1996 Not awarded
1995 Not awarded
1994 Not awarded
1993 Not awarded
1992 Not awarded
1991 Not awarded
1990 Not awarded
1989 Not awarded
1988 Not awarded
1987 Ivan Lau, Nick Peereboom
1986 John Bryant, Collette Gagnon
1985 Ivan Lau, Harrienne Rosenes
1984 Doug Woodley, Clothide Leclerc
1983 Don Slater, Ray Hirvonen
1982 Doug Woodley, Jannet Dibbs
1981 Ken Jewers
1980 Dave King (s), Lamar Mason (c)
1979 Don Slater (s), Lynn MacDiarmid (c)
1978 Ken Jwers (s), Dereck Dagger (c)
1977 Bill Tweedie (s), Mary Slonmski (c)
1976 Dave King
1975 Ray Hirvonen
1974 Bill Tweedie
1973 Jim Taylor (s), Janet Taylor (c)
1972 Dave King (s), J. Bottriell (c), B. Beckett (c)