Leo O’Byrne Award

Awarded to that member of the Club who, in the joint opinion of the Harbour Master and the Fleet Captain, has given them most aid throughout the year.
This award has its origin from Sail RA. Donated by Bill Mason in memory of Leo O'Bryne about 1973.

2019 Owen King (Name to be added on new trophy)
2018 Not awarded
2017 Chantal Bertrand (Name to be added on new trophy)
2016 Owen King (Name to be added on new trophy)
2015 Emeric Mouret  (Name to be added on new trophy)
2014 SailONEC Volunteers

2013 Alan McCullough and Ross Minser

2012 Jon Boucher

2011 Ross Misner

2010 Ross Misner

2009 Paul Fowler 

2008 Not awarded

2007 Pete Juneau

2006 Pete Juneau

2005 Ed Massoti

2004 Liquin Xu

2003 Wayne Barcklay

2002 Alan McCullough

2001 Ian Dawson and Louise Lefort

2000 Ed and Mary Massoti

1999 Maxim Newby

1998 Viloletta Czasak

1997 Brian Amirault

1996 Stuting Hum

1995 Beth and Joe MacGilvary

1994 Roger Hulme, Rytas Lotcheris and Ralph Sullivan

1993 Bernie Diepman

1992 Doug Barber

1991 Red Laoussi and Juan Suarez

1990 Miguel Soria

1989 Ralph MacIntosh

1988 Pete Juneau

1987 Bill Weiler

1986 Gary Humenuk

1985 Ralph MacIntosh

1984 Bill Keer

1983 Bob WAy

1982 Ian Lloyd

1981 Bill Watt

1980 John Bryant

1979 J-P Dion

1978 Bill Blore

1977 Bruce Wiggins

1976 Brian Conway

1975 Bill Tweedie

1974 Ross Misner