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Use of Club Boats


Any qualified club member may use club owned boats.  A qualified member is a paid up member who has completed the club training program and qualified as a “Skipper” or who has a White Sail Level II.  Note that a White Sail Level II qualifies a sailor to sail only in winds in the range of 8 to 16 km/hour.


A club member who has completed White Sail Level 1 may use a boat, within the training area in light winds when other qualified skippers are present.


A qualified club member may take out a guest or guests.  Members are responsible for the safety and conduct of their guests.  All guests must sign a waiver prior to sailing.  No member may bring the same guest more than three times in one season.


Sail ONEC has a procedure intended to simplify the allocation of boats and to ensure the safety of members.  It provides a means of knowing


            o the condition of individual boats,

            o who has taken out a boat,

            o whether the individual intends to sail up or down river, and

            o whether the boat has returned to the boathouse.


To take out a club boat:


                1. Select a boat from the Boat Board. 
            2. Check the Boat Log to determine if the boat is in service.

            3. Take your nametag from the Tag Board (and the name or names of your crew if applicable) and place it on the Boat Board.

            4. If you will be sailing out of sight of the club house, indicate whether you are going up or down river.

            5. Rig a safety boat unless one is already rigged.

            6. Rig your sailboat.


Upon returning the sailboat, reverse the procedure.  Remember to put the equipment away and to place your nametag back on the Tag Board so that other members will know that you and your boat have returned.